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Hariharan as a singer has proved his mettle to the entire world. He never stops exploring another realm. Therefore he also tried this talent in the field of acting through movies. Fans of Hariharan are always excited about the concerts he is to appear in. This Light Music Singer with his magical voice will mesmerise you within the first half hour of his show so much that you will forget everything else in the world. In 2017 he performed in the town of Kottayam. It was a rare musical night of its own in the sleepy town. The concert was titled as Sympathy of Empathy.

It was organised at the Baselious College ground in Kottayam. He was accompanied by other reputed singers who made the event a tremendously successful one. Singers like Manoj George who is a Grammy Award winner accompanied Hariharan in the concert. Pandit Ravi Chari who is a world-renowned Sitar Maestro also graced the event along with many more international level artists. The musical evening stood out with its star-studded performances. It was organised by the Arts Foundation of Kottayam. This was the first time Hariharan appeared in a concert in Kottayam. This concert involved little experimentation also.

The experiment was to weave the songs in a musical kind of form of the orchestra. This new concept was brilliantly carried forward in the show. The people of Kottayam who attended the concert were more than delighted to be a part of it. The feedbacks were terrific, and the happiness was visible in the face of people. Manoj George who is a violinist also said that Ravi Chari would be on the Sitar, and they would start with Mozart’s symphony. They gave their plan a brilliant start, and it was finally accompanied by the magical voice of Mr Hariharan.

When Hariharan was interviewed about the development in the field of music he seemed very comfortable with the changes happening around. The songs that are coming up today have a different taste and more variety. They are very different from the classical forms, and there is a lot of experimentation going on with every song that is released. This experimentation is evolving music in a significant way today. People love different types of music, and there are new artists emerging with the help of YouTube and social media platforms. Hariharan who is also the part of a band called Colonial Cousins said that earlier when they used to release new songs it was experimentation for them even at that time.

It never happens if you do not try to bring out something new form your head. Today’s youngsters like high pitched songs that also includes a bit of shouting and that is okay. The world is more competitive now that ever before. Therefore, singers are coming up with a variety of styles to sustain the competition in the long run. Hariharan has been in many hit concerts like the one in 2011 held in Tripunithura. The show was named Lafz and had many favourite ghazal singers also in the event. Hariharan was accompanied by artists like Prakashan P.K. on the keyboard, Akalakh Hussain on the harmonium and Shahdaab Roshan Bhartiya on the table.

Hariharan in his career has sung different kinds of songs in south movies and also in Bollywood. His unique style suits everything from film songs to Indipop and ghazals as well. Once, he performed with the legend Zakir Hussain in 2016 at the Qatar National Convention Centre In December. They are on the world tour of Hazir 2, and their concerts have been top rate all over. They were accompanied by the beautiful pianist Stephen Devassy.

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