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Musical shows are best enjoyed and experienced when the stunning ambience enthrals the audience. Chennai Convention Centre is your one-stop destination to conduct musical events with perfection that exceeds expectations! From spacious and well-designed lawn to luxurious air conditioned halls with different seating capacities, Chennai Convention Centre is undoubtedly the best venue option.

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Musical shows are organised by Kiyoh Creative Services. They are a full-service event management company offering all the support to stage a truly memorable experience. Kiyoh team of experts are driven by passion, creativity, and integrity to produce the perfect recipe for a successful event. Planning the lighting, stage décor, sound system and others seems so organised and executed perfectly.

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There is an old saying – “The show must go on!” Sound and lighting are critical to any event, more specifically music concerts. Leading dealers in inverters and UPS products Nantech, provide the rental of UPS systems. UPS System functions with high electrical efficiency, delivering quality power and gives an improved output voltage regulation due to its superior performance.

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