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December 11, 2017
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With technology entering the music industry in a variety of ways, it is only natural to be curious about how traditional singers view this encroachment. The younger crop of music directors and singers tend to enjoy experimenting with different sounds via technology in order to offer their fans wider exposure to music. Interestingly, acclaimed singers like Hariharan are applauding these new developments as they view it as a stage of evolution of music.

Hariharan comes from a family of Carnatic singers, yet does not consider himself to be a singer by profession. He states that singing is a state of life that he has willingly taken up and does not consider it to be a job or career. Hariharan has been singing ever since he was a young child. In fact, his mother who was a Carnatic singer was one of his first mentors. He then went on to learn Hindustani music and was talented enough to pick it easily. Hariharan remembers music as being a part of his life from his very first memories. So he never realized that he was actually learning something. He regarded it as just a part of life and fortunately, his talent enabled him to shine in the music industry. Hariharan credits his being born in a musically oriented family for his move for music. However, it does not mean that only if you have a music background can you succeed in eh music industry.

The boom of music reality shows in the past decade or so is proof of how many people are gifted with the ability to sing beautifully. These reality shows make it possible for such people to take the first step towards music as a career. Hariharan is all up for such music reality shows as it offers plenty of exposure to talented singers who would otherwise never have gotten a chance to realize their true potential. In fact, the audience has also evolved over the years as a result of these music reality shows. They have been exposed to different nuances of music and understand a song is composed of several elements and not just hitting the right notes.

Hariharan also participates in different concerts and tours every year in a bid to get closer to the music fan. He has noticed that with the introduction of reality music shows, the audience of these events has also become more open to participating along with him. This has led him to enjoy performing at concerts more than before. Although Hariharan has not performed at any malls, he does not think there is anything wrong with it. After all, music is a platform that allows people to communicate without having to voice their exact thought. He recently performed at a Diamond Jewellery Store to the delight of his fans who had waited anxiously to see him. According to https://www.scribd.com/document/261100661/The-National-Award-Winning-Singer-Hariharan-s-60th-Birthday, the 60 year old singer found the experience of performing for the store inauguration to be an endearing moment and looks forward to creating more such memories.

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