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Exclusive interview with Hariharan | Music of India
March 8, 2016
The Famous Singer Hariharan’s Awards
July 11, 2017

Singer Hariharan does singing as well as acting. He loves both the forms of art, saying that both have an emotional touch to it. We can see his new avatar in the movie Power of Women directed by Jayadevi. This is one of the latest ventures of this famous director. In the movie, Hariharan is seen to have a new hairdo with his hair flowing like salt and pepper. He has a golden voice that stands out pretty much from the rest of the crown. The role suits him so much that anybody will say nobody could have been as perfect as him for the part.

In an interview, this famous Indian Singer talked about his experiences in the industry throughout his career. In his acting career earlier he was marked in few movies like Boys which is a Tamil movie and Millennium star a Malayalam masterpiece. He played the role of a singer which we bet wouldn’t have been much tricky as all his life he has been playing that role for real. The singer was motivated to do more with his career, and therefore he chose a movie like the Power of Women in which he is playing the lead role.

A Classical Singer like him can do so many different roles is actually a delight. He is a humble man and was welcome to comments from his friends about the role he played in the movie. Comments were both appreciation and tips for his acting. Reportedly the actor has never acted in any school drama or play, and he also feels that acting is challenging. A career like acting needs a lot of discipline and mental training to work hard. The central portion of the film was shot in Canada. When the director narrated the script to Hariharan for the first time, he immediately liked it.

There was no delay from his side in accepting the brilliant role. Being a classical singer, Hariharan is open to a lot of hard work. He has never shown his back to challenges in his career. Though acting was a terrible cup of tea for him, he did it anyway. Explaining his experience while the shoot he said he had to walk in a simple shirt and pant around on the road when the temperature in Canada was in minus. With minus six degrees temperature roughly and no warm clothes, the actor did his best to make the shot look as natural as possible.

Hariharan considers singing to be a part of acting. With an emotional role as a commonality, he feels that the expertise in both the fields is difficult to develop. Only with a tremendous amount of passion and zeal to hard work can a person pursue both of these fields. Being an experienced person himself, he had lots of tips for the budding artists. Hariharan says he never takes any special care of his voice as it is a natural part of an individual’s being. He credited his strength of voice to a nutritious diet and a well-planned fitness regime. The singer likes to drink warm coffee.

Hariharan has mesmerised audiences with his melodious voice in different languages. His songs are in many languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu, English, Bengali and Gujarati. Singing in so many different languages is no easy task for a person. He has been a part of a band since years that is the Colonial Cousins. Hariharan’s career spans around 700 songs in Tamil, 30 non-film albums and 2500 songs in other languages. Talking about his interests in films he said, he is a huge fan of Kamal Hassan and Rajnikant for his comedy roles. His inspiration also lies with Late Sivaji Ganesan.

In Bollywood, he called himself as a fan of all time evergreen actor Amitabh Bachan and a few others like Om Puri, Pankaj Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah. Hollywood favourites of Hariharan are Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Apart from actors, he has a bunch of favourite singers too from different industries. Some of them are Lata Mangeshkar, Mehdi Hassan, Asha Bhosle, Yesudas, Kishore Kumar and S.P. Balasubramaniam. In the end, he expressed his interest to work in films if he gets a chance to do so. Singing is any way his passion and that he would never give up.

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