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April 18, 2018
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Hariharan is one of the most renowned singers in India. His magical voice has turned many songs into super hits which were enjoyed by one and all. Although he is a ghazal singer, he also singing playback, he has been associated with the illustrious A.R. Rahman since the early 90s. Hariharan has also experimented with different kinds of music, giving his fans a taste of different genres of music as well as fusion music.

While listening to the Hariharan’s songs, it is no wonder that he has such a huge fab following, within the country as well as internationally. In fact, many fans show their love to this gifted singer by setting up Cake and Flower Delivery to his home and studio. In fact, the fans are looking forward to Hariharan in Qatar, according to They have already started receiving plenty of orders to deliver to the famed singer to welcome him to the country.

Some of the evergreen songs sung by the musical maestro Hariharan that are still enjoyed by his fans all over the world are:

· “Tu Hi Re” from Bombay
This melodious song was a result of Hariharan’s collaboration with A.R. Rahman for the movie Bombay. Although the whole album is a wonderful treat for the music lover, it is the song ‘Tu Hi Re’ that will haunt you until the end of time. This song is also said to be the finest song that bore fruits from the relation between Hariharan and A.R. Rahman.

· “Baahon Ki Darmiyan” from Khamoshi
Khamoshi is another spectacular example of how music can change you from the inside. The music album for this movie was composed by Jatin-Lalit. The song “Baahon ki Darmiyan” was sung by Hariharan, and immediately the composers knew that they had a hit on their hands. This evergreen soulful song is loved by millions all over the world.

· “Roja Jaaneman” from Roja
A.R. Rahman made his debut not the music industry with the music album for the movie Roja. This included the mesmerizing song “Roja Jaaneman” sung by Hariharan. It is considered a masterpiece by experts in the music industry. The movie also included another beautiful song “Bharat Humko Jaan Se Phi” which also went on to be loved by music lovers.

· “Tu Paas Hai” from Taal
The song “Tu Paas Hai” is another spectacular song that was a result of the work done together by A.R. Rahman and Hariharan. Although all the songs of the movie Taal were spectacular, this song managed to stand out. It was one of the top songs released in the year 1991.

· “Chanda Re” from Sapne
This song was sung in Tamil and Hindi by Hariharan and both went on to become spectacular hits that year. The songs even went on to win the National awards for the composer and the singers. It is still a favorite song of many people today.

· “Kabhi Mein Kahoon” from Lamhe
Many people are not aware that “Kabhi Mein Kahoon” was one of the early Bollywood hits of Hariharan. He started getting noticed for his melodious music from the very beginning of his career as a playback singer.

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